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Whether you’re an injured sportsperson or are getting pain at work Swinton Physiotherapy can help you.

Whether you’re retired and can’t do gardening, or are an executive that can’t make the most of your precious spare time, Swinton Physiotherapy can help you.

What you want
…to be able to burst into your day, not ease into it. To be fresh and focussed at work, not distracted by that devil in your shoulder. To be the playful parent not the grump on the sofa. You want to be able to take that afternoon run, or walk the dog with enthusiasm. And you want to sink into sleep as you rest your head on the pillow, not think about what might be on the TV at 2 in the morning.

Make it happen!
You can make this happen when you come to Swinton Physiotherapy, Salford physiotherapists, with thorough and effective treatment that will get you quickly on the path to recovery and assured that you made the right choice.

What you’ll get

  • Hands-on treatment straight to the source of pain.
  • The same physiotherapist at each treatment, for the whole treatment – no distractions
  • Personalised stretches and exercises emailed directly to you

What they say
But don’t take my word for it, find out what my customers say

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Mark Napier“I came to Swinton Physiotherapy for a hamstring problem which had been present for a year.  In that time I’d had physio in the NHS, a scan on my back, even an injection but the problem persisted.  It was limiting my ability to play tennis and football so I was well and truly fed up with it.  After I saw Jonathan he confirmed that it was the hamstring muscle and tendons which were the cause of the problem, he gave me a guide of how many treatments it would take to improve, and what would be involved in the treatment.  After each treatment it felt easier and Jonathan gave me exercises to do to test it out and get me back to the intended level of exercise.  After a course of 8 treatments I am now exercising comfortably and ready to get back into football.  So thanks Jonathan, and I would highly recommend Swinton Physiotherapy for treatment of sports injuries.”  Mark Napier, Social worker, Chorlton